Elmarco is the industry′s first and leading supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment.

Elmarco maintain its Nanospider™ product porfolio in order to provide efficient solution for any scale of roll-to-roll manufacturing, from laboratory sample preparation to industrial high volume manufacturing. Therefore Elmarco’s customers also can easily upscale their current nanofiber production to higher production level.

Elmarco delivers Nanospider™ production lines as a complex production technology, consisting of full set of in- and off-line peripherals. Elmarco uses its experience from numerous industrial scale installations, to provide complete turn-key solution services and to play a role of reliable partner for nanofiber manufacturing.




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Elmarco is active in the electrospinning market since 2004, when entered into an exclusive license agreement with the Technical University of Liberec. First industrial production line based on licenced Nanospider™ technology was sold and delivered in 2006.

Elmarco continuously focus on Nanospider™ technology development, resulting in portfolio of electrospinning equipment for four different levels of nanofiber manufacturing. A milestone in 2010 when introduced its own 2nd generation of Nanospider™ technology.

Elmarco organized N3M conference, that time the only platform for gathering electrospinning and nanofiber community from academic and industrial sphere.

In 2008 Elmarco founded research and development center which is 3 000 m² large. Nowadays Elmarco rents external manufacturing premises in order to keep a pace with growing market demands.

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    15 years in the market
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    3 000 m2 research center
  • Team icon
    60 employees
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    Serving global market
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    30 patents
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    200 machines installed
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